The tote add-on provides an ILcyCustomizerPanelFactory that displays the content of a model in a table. It accepts TLcyModelContext instances containing models that have an ILcdFeaturedDescriptor or an ILcdDataModelDescriptor.

The table shows the feature or property values for a subset of elements in the model, and allows the user to define a filter that determines which elements are shown. If the value is an ILcdPoint, Date or ILcdISO19103Measure, the value is nicely formatted. For points, speeds, angles, distances and altitudes, the Lucy default formats are used. For other measurement types, the unit is added to the value.

If you want the tote add-on to show a custom ILcyCustomizerPanel for your model, you can add a ILcyCustomizerPanelFactory, which creates this ILcyCustomizerPanel for TLcyModelContext instances that contain your model.