The map overview add-on creates map overviews. Typically, there is only one map overview. Such an overview is very similar to a standard map: it is also an ILcyMapComponent created by an ALcyMapComponentFactory. Customizing the layout of an overview map is similar to customizing a regular map, except that you probably want to extend TLcyMapOverviewComponentFactory instead of TLcyMapComponentFactory because this TLcyMapOverviewComponentFactory implements the difference between a regular map and an overview.

The biggest difference is that the overview factory adds an extra layer that indicates the current view extents of the corresponding maps. It also adds a custom controller to the overview that allows you to modify those view extents. Furthermore, overviews are also somewhat simpler: there is no menu bar, nor a status bar, the layer control must be enabled with a toggle button, and so on.

The map overview add-on offers programmatic access to the map overviews with the method getOverviewMapManager() in TLcyMapOverviewAddOn. As with regular maps (see ILcyLucyEnv.getMapManager()), you can retrieve the existing maps and listen to overviews that are added or removed.

To enable the map overview for Lightspeed map components, you must load the TLcyLspMapOverviewAddOn. This add-on adds support for Lightspeed views to the TLcyMapOverviewAddOn. The TLcyLspMapOverviewAddOn requires the TLcyMapOverviewAddOn to be loaded.

Workspace considerations

The map overview add-on needs and contributes exactly the same object codecs as the TLcyMapAddOn. The only difference is that the object codecs it registers look for map components in the map manager of the overview add-on instead of the map manager of Lucy.

Asynchronous behavior considerations

The same considerations apply for the TLcyMapOverviewAddOn as for the TLcyMapAddOn: by default, the controllers are configured for asynchronous behavior. If this asynchronous behavior is disabled, the configuration of the controllers should be adjusted to take this into account.