Class TLcdModelReferenceFactory


public class TLcdModelReferenceFactory extends Object
The TLcdModelReferenceFactory is capable of creating an instance of ILcdModelReference by decoding a given Properties object.
  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdModelReferenceFactory

      public TLcdModelReferenceFactory()
  • Method Details

    • createModelReference

      public static ILcdModelReference createModelReference(String aPrefix, Properties aProperties) throws IllegalArgumentException
      This method will, given aPrefix and aProperties, return an ILcdModelReference. It will look for the following key : <aPrefix>ILcdModelReference.class : the name of the class, that implements ILcdModelReference, and of which an instance should be created. The Properties object aProperties should contain entries which will be analyzed by the various instances of ILcdModelReference which have a loadProperties method.
      aPrefix - the prefix to be used for property names.
      aProperties - the Properties object containing the serialized model reference property values.
      the ILcdModelReference corresponding to the serialized properties.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the ILcdModelReference cannot be created.
      See Also:
    • writePropertiesSFCT

      public static void writePropertiesSFCT(ILcdModelReference aModelReference, String aPrefix, Properties aPropertiesSFCT) throws IllegalArgumentException
      This method will, given a aPrefix and a ILcdModelReference, store the ILcdModelReference as properties into the given aPropertiesSFCT as a side effect.

      Currently, the supported references are:

      • TLcdGeodeticReference
      • TLcdGridReference
      • TLcdGeocentricReference
      • TLcdTopocentricReference
      • TLcdCartesianReference
      aModelReference - the model reference to be serialized.
      aPrefix - the prefix to use for the property names.
      aPropertiesSFCT - the Properties object in which the serialized properties are stored as side effect.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the ILcdModelReference cannot be serialized as properties.