Package com.luciad.realtime

package com.luciad.realtime
Handles simulation of dynamic data. The main classes of the realtime package are TLcdSimulator and ILcdSimulatorModel. The class TLcdSimulator controls the time of the simulation, while the ILcdSimulatorModel is responsible for adjusting the simulated domain data to the time of the simulation.

  • Class
    Abstract convenience implementation of ILcdSimulatorModel that handles all properties and their property change events.
    Implementation of ILcdSimulatorModel whose time complexity for changing the date is generally related to the amount of changes that are required, not to the total amount of data.
    An ILcdSimulatorModel defines the simulated data to be displayed by a TLcdSimulator in real or fast time onto different ILcdGXYViews.
    ILcdGXYViewLabelPlacer offers more powerful and flexible decluttering functionality
    TLcdSimulator is the class that is responsible for the timing of the simulation: it produces the correct simulation time at each simulation step.
    This slider can control the percentage of CPU time a simulator can take for displaying simulated data.
    A composite ILcdSimulatorModel implementation.
    This JLabel can be used to display the status of a TLcdSimulator.
    This JButton can be used to display the current time of a TLcdSimulator.
    This JLabel can be used to display the current time of a TLcdSimulator.
    This class displays and controls the time of a TLcdSimulator.
    Decorator for an ILcdSimulatorModel which allows to limit the exposed available time interval of the ILcdSimulatorModel.
    This extension of ALcdModel was designed to store (large) data sets of moving point objects, for example tracks.