Package com.luciad.ogc.filter.evaluator

package com.luciad.ogc.filter.evaluator

This package provides classes to evaluate an OGC 1.0/1.1/2.0 filter. This can be achieved by using the TLcdOGCFilterEvaluator class to build an ILcdFilter from a TLcdOGCFilter.

The most important classes of this package are:

The following code snippet illustrates how to evaluate a set of elements against a filter.

   List elementsToEvaluate = ...;
   TLcdOGCFilter ogcFilter = ...;

   TLcdOGCFilterEvaluator evaluator = new TLcdOGCFilterEvaluator();
   TLcdOGCFilterContext filterContext = new TLcdOGCFilterContext();

   ILcdDynamicFilter filter = evaluator.buildFilter(ogcFilter, filterContext);
   for(Object element : elementsToEvaluate){
       //Do something


The developer guide contains more examples on how to create and evaluate filters.