Class TLcdClusteringTransformer.Builder.ClassificationSpecificBuilder

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public static final class TLcdClusteringTransformer.Builder.ClassificationSpecificBuilder extends Object
Builder to configure parameters for a specific classification.
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    • clusterSize

      public TLcdClusteringTransformer.Builder.ClassificationSpecificBuilder clusterSize(double aClusterSize)

      Sets the approximate cluster size in pixels. This size indicates the area of the cluster in screen space. For example, when passing 200 as value, the clustering algorithm will try to create clusters that are 200 pixels apart.

      Note that the given size is an approximate size. The clustering algorithm may create smaller or larger clusters, depending on the data. The size of the cluster is influenced by:

      • This setting
      • The proximity of other clusters. Different clusters can start competing, trying to include the same point. This will cause clusters to be closer together than indicated by this setting, and thus be smaller.
      • The amount of points in the cluster. Clusters with a small amount of points will break down sooner than clusters with many points. This means that clusters with a small amount of points will typically be smaller.
      aClusterSize - the approximate cluster size in pixels.
      This builder
    • minimumPoints

      public TLcdClusteringTransformer.Builder.ClassificationSpecificBuilder minimumPoints(int aMinimumPoints)

      Sets the minimum number of points required to form a cluster. For example when set to 3, there will never be a cluster which only represents 2 points. Each cluster will at least contain 3 points.

      aMinimumPoints - the minimum number of points required to form a cluster
      This builder
    • noClustering

      Indicates that no clustering should happen.

      This builder
    • shapeProvider

      Sets an ILcdClusterShapeProvider which determines the shape of the cluster based on its contained elements

      aProvider - The cluster shape provider
      This builder
    • build

      Applies the specified settings and returns the original Builder instance.

      the original Builder instance.