Package com.luciad.format.nvg.nvg20.model

package com.luciad.format.nvg.nvg20.model
This package contains a domain model to represent an NVG 2.0 data source.

An NVG data source is represented by a TLcdNVG20Model. The basic information unit in an NVG 2.0 dataset is a TLcdNVG20Content: an abstract, styled object.
Most implementations extend TLcdNVG20SymbolizedContent, which adds the notion of a specific symbol (a military APP-6B symbol, for example).

The NVG domain model has been generated based on the NVG 2.0.2 XML schema. There is typically one domain class for each type defined in the schema (a detailed explanation of how LuciadLightspeed maps XML schema on java classes can be found in TLcdXMLDataModelBuilder). Most of the documentation on the model classes is directly generated based on the annotations in the NVG XML schema. Hence, classes of which the corresponding XML type have no such annotations may have little or no documentation.

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