Interface ILcdGML3AssociationAttributeGroup

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ILcdGML3Association, ILcdGML3CurveProperty, ILcdGML3FeatureProperty, ILcdGML3GeometricPrimitiveProperty, ILcdGML3GeometryProperty, ILcdGML3LocationProperty, ILcdGML3MetaDataProperty, ILcdGML3MultiCurveProperty, ILcdGML3MultiGeometryProperty, ILcdGML3MultiPointProperty, ILcdGML3MultiSurfaceProperty, ILcdGML3PointProperty, ILcdGML3Reference, ILcdGML3StringOrRef, ILcdGML3SurfaceProperty
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public interface ILcdGML3AssociationAttributeGroup extends ILcdXMLSimpleLink
This class has been deprecated. The GML decoders and encoders in the com.luciad.format.gml3.* packages are replaced by new decoders and encoders in the packages com.luciad.format.gml2.xml, com.luciad.format.gml31.xml and com.luciad.format.gml32.xml.
Interface for the gml:AssociationAttributeGroup attribute group.

Attribute group used to enable property elements to refer to their value remotely. It contains the simple link components from xlinks.xsd, with all members optional, and the remoteSchema attribute, which is also optional. These attributes can be attached to any element, thus allowing it to act as a pointer. The 'remoteSchema' attribute allows an element that carries link attributes to indicate that the element is declared in a remote schema rather than by the schema that constrains the current document instance.

(GML Specification, v3.1.0, paragraph

  • Method Details

    • getRemoteSchema

      String getRemoteSchema()
      Returns a reference to an XML Schema fragment that specifies the content model of the property's value. This is in conformance with the XML Schema Section 4.14 Referencing Schemas from Elsewhere.
      the reference to a remote XML Schema fragment.
    • setRemoteSchema

      void setRemoteSchema(String aRemoteSchema)
      Sets the reference to the remote XML Schema fragment specifying the content model of the property's value.
      aRemoteSchema - the reference to the remote XML Schema.