Class TLcdDAFIFDMEFeatureClassMapper

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public class TLcdDAFIFDMEFeatureClassMapper extends TLcdFeatureClassMapper
This class keeps track of the Class objects of DAFIF specific features defined in the ILcdDAFIFDMEFeature interface.

It also provides a feature class mapping for features defined in the interfaces extended by the ILcdDAFIFDMEFeature interface.

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    • TLcdDAFIFDMEFeatureClassMapper

      protected TLcdDAFIFDMEFeatureClassMapper()
      Constructs a new TLcdDAFIFDMEFeatureClassMapper object.

      The new instance will contain a feature class mapping for each feature in the ILcdDAFIFDMEFeature interface.

      This protected constructor was added to allow users to make extensions of this class.

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