Interface ILcdAIXMTACANFeature

All Superinterfaces:
ILcdAIXMNavaidFeature, ILcdNavaidFeature, ILcdTACANFeature

public interface ILcdAIXMTACANFeature extends ILcdTACANFeature, ILcdAIXMNavaidFeature
This interface extends the more general applicable features defined in the ILcdTACANFeature interface with AIXM specific features.

If a featured domain object contains a value for a feature, this value should comply with the terms specified in this interface.

This interface defines the features (properties) that can be requested through ILcdFeatured. A more preferred and generic way to access the properties of a domain object is through ILcdDataObject. The related class defining the available data object properties for an AIXM TACAN is TLcdAIXMTACANDataProperties.

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      static final String MAGNETIC_VARIATION
      The angular difference between True North and Magnetic North. The magnetic variation is of type String
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      static final String MAGNETIC_VARIATION_DATE
      The year the magnetic variation was measured. The rate is of type String.
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      static final String STATION_DECLINATION
      The angular difference between the direction of the 'zero bearing' indicated by the station and the direction of the True North. The station declination is of the type String.
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