Interface ILcdNavaidFeature

All Known Subinterfaces:
ILcdAIXMDMEFeature, ILcdAIXMMarkerFeature, ILcdAIXMNavaidFeature, ILcdAIXMNDBFeature, ILcdAIXMTACANFeature, ILcdAIXMVORFeature, ILcdARINCDMEFeature, ILcdARINCNavaidFeature, ILcdARINCNDBFeature, ILcdARINCTACANFeature, ILcdARINCVORFeature, ILcdDAFIFDMEFeature, ILcdDAFIFNavaidFeature, ILcdDAFIFNDBFeature, ILcdDAFIFTACANFeature, ILcdDAFIFVORFeature, ILcdDMEFeature, ILcdNDBFeature, ILcdTACANFeature, ILcdVORFeature

public interface ILcdNavaidFeature
This interface defines general applicable features for a navaid.

If a featured domain object contains a value for a feature, this value should comply with the terms specified in this interface.

  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type
    static final String
    The identification of the navaid.
    static final String
    The name of the navaid.
  • Field Details