Class TLcdValuedContour

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TLcdValuedContour extends Object implements ILcdBounded
Represents an object that contains a shape with a value. The shape can be retrieved using the getShape() method, and the value can be retrieved using the getValue() method.

This class also implements the ILcdBounded interface. The calculation of the bounds is delegated to the shape inside this object.

  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdValuedContour

      public TLcdValuedContour(ILcdShape aShape, double aValue)
      Create a new TLcdValuedContour.
      aShape - The base shape.
      aValue - The value to attach to the base shape.
  • Method Details

    • getShape

      public ILcdShape getShape()
      Returns the shape of this TLcdValuedContour
      an ILcdShape
    • getValue

      public double getValue()
      Returns the value of this TLcdValuedContour
      a value in the form of a double
    • getBounds

      public ILcdBounds getBounds()
      Description copied from interface: ILcdBounded
      Returns the ILcdBounds by which the geometry of this ILcdBounded object is bounded.

      If the geometry does not allow retrieving valid bounds (for example a polyline with 0 points) the return value is unspecified. It is highly recommended to return an undefined bounds. You can create undefined bounds using the default constructors of TLcdLonLatBounds or TLcdXYBounds.

      Specified by:
      getBounds in interface ILcdBounded
      the ILcdBounds by which the geometry of this ILcdBounded object is bounded.
    • clone

      public TLcdValuedContour clone()
      Makes a deep clone of TLcdValuedContour
      clone in class Object
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