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Module ria/view/feature/FeaturePainterUtil






  • Adds selection styling behavior to an existing painter.

    The paintBody method is altered to apply the following styling modifications to selected Feature instances. Note that you can override this behavior using the options object literal.

    • If a stroke was defined on the original styling object literal, the stroke color is modified to rgb(255,140,0).
    • The stroke width is doubled.
    • If a fill was defined on the original styling object, the fill color is modified to rgba(255,165,0,0.8).
    • In case of icon styles, the icon is scaled to double the originally configure size.
    • If text is rendered on the GeoCanvas, it's strokeWidth is doubled. If the text was not originally stroked, it is stroked with rgb(255,140,0).

    The paintLabel method is altered. It configures a halo with color rgb(255,140,0) and width 2 to the label. The color can be overriden using the options object literal.


    Returns FeaturePainter

    The enhanced painter passed to this method.


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