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Module ria/geometry/mesh/MeshFactory

A factory for creating 3D meshes that can be visualized using a FeaturePainter, in combination with Icon3DStyle.






  • Creates a 3D mesh, with the given parameters.

     //Create a simple triangle in the X-Y plane
     var mesh = MeshFactory.create3DMesh([0,0,0, 1,0,0, 0,1,0], [0,1,2], {});
     //In your FeaturePainter
     featurePainter.paintBody = function(geocanvas, feature, shape, layer, map, paintState) {
       //An instance of Icon3DStyle
       var icon3dstyle = {mesh: mesh};
       geocanvas.drawIcon3D(shape, icon3dstyle);


    • positions: number[]

      An array of positions containing (X,Y,Z) positions defined in a local cartesian reference. The unit of measure is assumed to be meters. You can control how the local mesh is placed in the world with Icon3DStyle. Its documentation also provides a more in depth explanation of how to place the (local) positions in the world. In short; the X-axis points north, the Y-axis points west and the Z-axis points up.

      The positions in local cartesian reference
      Local positions placed in world
      The positions in local cartesian reference Local positions placed in world

    • indices: number[]

      An array of indices connecting the various positions together as a set of triangles. Each triple of indices points to the 3 vertices of a triangle. The indices of the triangle must match the indices of the positions in the positions array.

    • Optional options: MeshCreateOptions

      An object literal containing various options to create this 3D mesh.

    Returns Mesh

    A 3D mesh that can be painted by a FeaturePainter.


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