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Interface MapNavigatorPanOptions

The options for a pan operation.


  • MapNavigatorPanOptions



Optional animate

animate: MapNavigatorAnimationOptions | boolean

When falsy, the fit operation will be immediate (synchronous).

When truthy, the fit operation will be animated and asynchronous.

The default value is false.

This flag affects the resolution of the returned Promise (see return value documentation for details). To alter the animation, you can assign an MapNavigatorAnimationOptions to this option.


targetLocation: Point

This Point will end up at toViewLocation after the pan operation. Can be in a model, map or view reference. If the point is in a view reference, the map point that corresponds to that view point is used. In 3D, this will be the point on terrain at that view point.

Optional toViewLocation

toViewLocation: Point

A Point in view reference. targetLocation will be at toViewLocation after the pan operation. Must be in the view reference (reference === null, pixel coordinates). When omitted, will default to the map's view center.


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