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Interface MapConstructorOptions

An options object hash containing map options to be used when creating a new map.




Optional axes

axes: { xAxis?: AxisConfiguration; yAxis?: AxisConfiguration }

Specifies the configuration of the X and Y axis.

Type declaration

Optional border

border: { bottom?: number; left?: number }

The border configuration.

Type declaration

  • Optional bottom?: number

    The size - in pixels - of the bottom border.

  • Optional left?: number

    The size - in pixels - of the left border.

Optional globeColor

globeColor: string

A CSS color used in 3D for the globe, if no imagery layers are present. See globeColor for details.

Optional reference

reference: CoordinateReference | string

The reference of the map, that can be a reference retrieved from the ReferenceProvider or a string. This is usually a reference with a cartesian CoordinateType. When a geodetic reference is supplied, the reference will be internally converted to a reference with an equidistant projection. For 3D, use EPSG:4978 (only in a WebGLMap).


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