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An object literal containing the TrajectoryPainter constructor's parameters.


  • TrajectoryPainterConstructorOptions



Optional defaultColor

defaultColor: string | null

The default line color of trajectories, represented as a CSS color string.

Optional draped

draped: boolean

Whether to drape the lines on terrain or not.



Optional lineType

lineType: LineType

Determines how lines between subsequent points will be interpreted.

Optional lineWidth

lineWidth: number

The line width, in pixels, to paint trajectories with.



Optional outsideTimeRangeWeight

outsideTimeRangeWeight: number

The weight to apply to parts of lines outside of the configured time window.

Optional properties

properties: string[]

The list of property names that will be used in the propertyColorExpressions. If a property is ever to be used in the propertyColorExpressions, it must be listed in this array.

Optional propertyColorExpressions

propertyColorExpressions: PropertyColorExpression[]

An array of objects describing a mapping of property values to colors.

Optional selectionColor

selectionColor: string | null

The color to paint selected trajectories with, represented as a CSS color string.

Optional timeProvider

timeProvider: (feature: Feature, shape: Shape, pointIndex: number) => number

A function that returns time as a number for a given point on a trajectory.

The user of this class is free to choose the range of time values. However the values should not be too big because they are internally converted to 32-bit floating-point numbers. For example do not use the time in milliseconds from epoch (e.g. 1970) but instead use the time in seconds from the start of the first day in your data set.

If no timeProvider is passed, time filtering is disabled (timeWindow will be ignored).

You can not modify the timeProvider after the TrajectoryPainter has been constructed.


The feature for which to determine a time.


The shape for which to determine a time.


The index of the point in the shape for which to determine a time.

Type declaration

    • (feature: Feature, shape: Shape, pointIndex: number): number
    • Parameters

      Returns number

Optional timeWindow

timeWindow: [number, number]

The start / end value for time filtering as an array with two values.


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