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Represents an environment around the camera. The environment consists of two parts: the skybox and the reflection map.

The skybox is the background imagery the camera sees around it. Having detailed background imagery that is appropriate to the scene can allow for a more immersive visual experience.

The reflection map is the imagery that is seen in the reflections on certain objects in the scene. 3D icons and OGC 3D Tiles can use the reflection map to show reflections if they are styled with imageBasedLighting. Seeing the environment reflected can make the objects seem more realistic and grounded in the scene.




  • EnvironmentMapEffect




Optional reflectionMap

reflectionMap: EnvironmentMap | null

The environment map to use for reflections. This can be a different from the skybox.

You can also only set a reflection map and use for example the atmosphere for the environment.

The reflection map can be of lower resolution than the skybox because it's only used for the reflections. HDR imagery is preferred but not required. To this end, .hdr files (radiance rgbE format) are supported.

Optional skybox

skybox: EnvironmentMap | null

The skybox (or environment map as it is sometimes called).


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