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An AmbientOcclusionEffect allows you to apply the effect of ambient occlusion on a 3D WebGLMap.

Ambient occlusion is an effect that shades areas of 3D geometry based on their proximity to other 3D geometry. This mimics a behavior of the real world where light gets trapped in tight areas. Typical examples are the corners of a room, which are slightly darker than the rest of the room as the light is trapped in the corners.

Ambient Occlusion
Left: ambient occlusion disabled, Right: ambient occlusion enabled

Ambient Occlusion is recommended for cases in which 3D datasets with simple colors, such as 3D CAD & BIM models, are visualized. For these types of datasets, Ambient Occlusion can help give the dataset more depth and make it easier to understand how geometry relates to each other. On top of that, it also improves the visual quality of such datasets, and gives an overall better impression.

Ambient Occlusion only has on effect on 3D WebGLMaps.

  map.effect.ambientOcclusion = {
    radius: 25,
    power: 1.5



  • AmbientOcclusionEffect




Optional power

power: number

A factor to brighten or darken the effect. It determines how strongly the effect is applied to your view. A lower value results in a more subtle effect, while a higher value produces more defined results. It does not affect the radius.

Values should be a positive floating point number, generally between 0 and 5. Higher values are accepted, but not recommended.



Optional radius

radius: number

The radius in meters at which the effect should be sampled. A lower value produces sharper results, while higher values produce softer results.




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