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Constructor options for WMTSTileSetModelConstructorOptions.





baseURL: string

The base URL for this tileset. See UrlTileSetModel.getTileURL for details on how this value is used.



Optional credentials

credentials: boolean

Whether credentials should be included with every HTTP request.

Optional dataType

dataType: RasterDataType

Configures the layer's RasterDataType.

The ELEVATION raster data type will only have an effect in a 3D map, and acts as a way of representing 3D terrain visually. The ELEVATION dataType will not be visualized as a colorized heightmap as it only affects the 3D height values of the surface of the earth.

The default is IMAGE.

Optional dimensions

dimensions: object

Dimension parameters to send along with WMTS GetTile request. Typical dimensions areTIME and ELEVATION. The object literal can contain simple key/value pairs. Accepted values are strings, numbers, booleans. Values must not be URL encoded.



Optional format

format: string

The image format of the images to retrieve from the WMTS server. Default: "image/jpeg"


layer: string

the name of the WMTS layer

Optional requestHeaders

requestHeaders: {} | null

An object literal that represents headers (as a key-value map) to send with each HTTP request. If set (and not empty), an XHR with the specified headers will be performed instead of creating an Image.

Optional requestParameters

requestParameters: {} | null

An object literal that represents URL parameters (as a key-value map) to send with each HTTP request. If set (and not empty), an XHR with the specified query parameters will be performed instead of creating an Image.



Optional samplingMode

samplingMode: RasterSamplingMode

Configures the layer's RasterSamplingMode, corresponding to the setting representation of the underlying raster data.

For IMAGE dataType, the default sampling mode is AREA. For ELEVATION dataType, the default is POINT.

For elevation, samplingMode POINT is recommended for performance and accuracy.


The structure description for the raster tile set.



Optional style

style: string

The style to apply on the image when making a request, the default value is "default".

Optional subdomains

subdomains: string[]

When specified, getTileURL will replace the {s} pattern in baseURL with values from subdomains. This will cause tile requests to be spread across different subdomains. Browsers limit the amount of connections to a single domain. Using subdomains avoids hitting this limit. By default, it's empty.




tileMatrices: number[] | string[]

The array of tile matrices identifiers


tileMatrixSet: string

The name of the tile matrix set


url: string

root URI of the GetTile request interface


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