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The options which can be passed at construction time when creating a RasterTileSetModel.




Optional dataType

dataType: RasterDataType

Configures the layer's RasterDataType.

The ELEVATION raster data type will only have an effect in a 3D map, and acts as a way of representing 3D terrain visually. The ELEVATION dataType will not be visualized as a colorized heightmap as it only affects the 3D height values of the surface of the earth.

The default is IMAGE.

Optional samplingMode

samplingMode: RasterSamplingMode

Configures the layer's RasterSamplingMode, corresponding to the setting representation of the underlying raster data.

For IMAGE dataType, the default sampling mode is AREA. For ELEVATION dataType, the default is POINT.

For elevation, samplingMode POINT is recommended for performance and accuracy.


The structure description for the raster tile set.




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