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Interface MemoryStoreConstructorOptions

Constructor options for MemoryStore.


  • MemoryStoreConstructorOptions



Optional data

data: Feature[]

The initial array of Features to populate the store with.

Optional reference

The reference in which the stored data is defined. This reference should match the reference of the FeatureModel on which this Store is used. This reference is used to create an internal spatial cache when the MemoryStoreConstructorOptions.spatialIndex property is set to true.

Please note that geocentric references are not allowed. A store with a geocentric reference will be graciously degraded to the memory store without spatial capabilities.



Optional spatialIndex

spatialIndex: boolean

The flag that indicates if the memory store should support spatial queries.

In order to create a MemoryStore with spatial capabilities you need to provide also the coordinate reference of stored features. This value is needed to create an internal spatial cache object. The reference can be provided explicitly by setting the MemoryStoreConstructorOptions.reference or can be deduced from features passed in the initial data MemoryStoreConstructorOptions.data.

If the value is true and a reference value is not provided explicitly or cannot be deduced from initial data then the created MemoryStore will not support spatial queries.

Limitation: the store does not support geocentric references. In such a case the created MemoryStore will not support spatial queries.






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