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Interface CodecDecodeOptions

Options for decode of codecs.


  • CodecDecodeOptions




content: string | ArrayBuffer | Blob

The content of the server response.

Optional contentType

contentType: string

The content type as indicated by the server (if specified).

Note that the presence of this parameter and the value strongly depends on the Store using this Codec. For instance, a store connecting to a web service over http will likely respond with a content type (as it is part of the http-specification), while a store connecting to the browser's localStorage will not. A robust Codec implementation should be capable of handling all those situations so it can be reused by different types of Stores.

Optional reference

The reference in which the Feature instances are defined.

A typical value for this parameter is reference of the FeatureModel to which the store is added and to which the Features will be added. When this parameter is present, the reference of the Shape of the Features provided by the returned featureCursor must match this parameter.


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