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A GMLCodec is responsible for decoding a GML document object into a set of LuciadRIA Feature objects containing LuciadRIA geometries and properties.

The codec decodes GML geometries to shapes as follows:

The current implementation of GMLCodec is limited to the decoding of features containing the aforementioned geometry elements. Encoding is currently not supported.

A GMLCodec can be used in combination with a WFSFeatureStore to decode GML data directly from a WFS service.

  const storePromise = WFSFeatureStore.createFromURL("http://sampleservices.luciad.com/wfs", "usrivers", {
    codec: new GMLCodec(),
    outputFormat: "text/xml; subtype=gml/3.1.1"

A GMLCodec can also be used to decode a file directly from a url, using a UrlStore:

  //Create a Store with a GeoJson codec to decode the data
  const store = new UrlStore({
    target: url,
    codec: new GMLCodec()

  //Use the store to create a model
  const model = new FeatureModel(store);

  //Create a layer for the model
  const layer = new FeatureLayer(model);

  //Add the layer to the map

Supported versions

LuciadRIA supports the GML 3.1 and GML 3.2 specifications, with the following limitations:

  • The files must adhere to the Simple Feature Level-0 profile.
  • Only the first CRS reference is decoded. It is assumed that all other geometries use the same reference.
  • Envelopes are not decoded.







  • Creates a GML codec. This codec has support for GML 3.1.1 and GML 3.2.1 with a simple feature profile level SF-0.


    Returns GMLCodec




  • (featureCursor: Cursor): { content: string; contentType: string }
  • Encoding is currently not supported. Calling this method will throw an error.


    Returns { content: string; contentType: string }

    • content: string
    • contentType: string


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