A LuciadRIA distribution comes as a set of ES6 modules, packaged as npm packages. Developers can install it using npm install.

Because LuciadRIA isn’t published in a public npm registry, you must publish it to a private npm registry first to make it available:

cd packages # The NPM packages are located under packages/

# Publish each of the packages.
# geometry and symbology are optional packages that are only available when purchased
npm --registry http://my-private-registry:8073/ publish ria/
npm --registry http://my-private-registry:8073/ publish geometry/
npm --registry http://my-private-registry:8073/ publish symbology/

If you don’t have an npm registry available, you can:

  • Run one on your own machine. You can use verdaccio for that, for example. To install verdaccio, run npm install --global verdaccio. Afterwards, run verdaccio to start it. By default, the registry is located at http://localhost:4873/ Before you can publish LuciadRIA in verdaccio, you first need to add a user using npm adduser --registry http://localhost:4873.

  • To manage the LuciadRIA dependency we suggest to use NPM workspaces. Alternatively you can use a tool like lerna.

    For example the samples included in the LuciadRIA release use NPM workspaces to manage their dependencies on shared sample code and on LuciadRIA itself. See Explore and edit the sample code for more details.