When processing the query cursor, LuciadRIA does not by default perform updates on features that already exist in the layer.

When using the LoadSpatially loading strategy on a FeatureLayer, you can change this behavior by providing a custom implementation for the LoadSpatially.shouldUpdate function predicate. LuciadRIA will call this function whenever an existing feature can be updated with a version that comes in the processed cursor.

Program: Controlling if features should be updated based on a property
const loadingStrategy = new LoadSpatially({queryProvider: queryProvider});

//Replace the shouldUpdate function with a custom implementation which checks the revision
//number stored in the Feature to decide whether or not the Feature should be updated
loadingStrategy.shouldUpdate = function(existingFeature: Feature, feature: Feature): boolean {
  const properties = feature.properties as any;
  return properties.revision &&
         properties.revision > (existingFeature.properties as any).revision;