Introducing LuciadRIA product tiers

LuciadRIA is a software product that offers browser-based geospatial situational awareness with the fluidity and speed of a desktop application. The software components of LuciadRIA have been designed for the development of advanced and easy-to-use cross-browser-based applications, using today’s most advanced webbased technologies (HTML5, AJAX and WebGL). Through a single unified API, LuciadRIA provides high-performance 2D maps and 3D globes to web application developers.

LuciadRIA is offered in two product tiers: Essential and Pro. Each product tier combines capabilities and optional capabilities that are designed for typical use cases.

Table 1. Overview table of the LuciadRIA product tiers
Functionality Essential Pro

Core GIS Engine

Geospatial Reference Models

Transformation and Projection Engine

4D Cartesian & Geodesic Geometry Model

CPU 2D Visualization Engine

GPU 2D/3D Visualization Engine

Customizable Symbology

2D/3D/4D Interaction Model

Vertical, Profile & Timeline Views

Visual Analytics

Raster Connectors

Vector Connectors

Point Clouds & Reality Meshes

OGC Standards

360° Panoramic Imagery

Advanced GIS Engine

Defense Symbology


= Feature included

O = Optional

= Feature unavailable

Introducing LuciadRIA Essential

LuciadRIA Essential is the first product tier forLuciadRIA. It defines a strong entry level product baseline for internet-connected, general purpose web applications. The Essential product tier offers a broad set of default geospatial capabilities

Components of LuciadRIA Essential

LuciadRIA Essential offers access to the LuciadRIA core component.

Options for LuciadRIA Essential

There are no options available for LuciadRIA Essential.

Please contact our Support Desk Services if you would like to have more information on how to access additional capabilities of LuciadRIA.

Introducing LuciadRIA Pro

LuciadRIA Pro is the targeted towards very demanding applications, for example in terms of performance, required analytics, or specific data types. It combines a complete set of high-end geospatial capabilities with access to a number of domain-specific options.

Components of LuciadRIA Pro

LuciadRIA Pro offers access to the following components:

  • LuciadRIA

  • 360° Panoramic Imagery

  • Advanced GIS Engine

Options for LuciadRIA Pro

LuciadRIA Pro provides access to the Defense Symbology Option.

Please contact our Support Desk Services if you would like to have more information on how to access additional capabilities of LuciadRIA.

Guidelines for upgrading from a component version of LuciadRIA to a tiered LuciadRIA version

This section helps users of a component-based LuciadRIA version older than 2017 with their upgrade to a tiered LuciadRIA version.

As always, you can consult the release notes for improvements, fixes and upgrade considerations. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Simplified distribution

After downloading the product, you will find only one zip file that conveniently bundles all components you have access to within your tier. Inside the .zip file, you will retrieve the directory structure that you are familiar with from previous LuciadRIA releases.

In addition, there will be one zip file per option that you are licensed to. The zip files for the options have names similar to the option names.

New set of LuciadRIA Pro components

The following components from LuciadRIA 2016.1 are included by default into LuciadRIA Pro 2017.0: LuciadRIA and Geometry (now called Advanced GIS Engine).

Even if you did not have access to these components before, you can now benefit from the rich set of capabilities that they add.

For more information on these components, we would like to refer you to the Luciad Developer Platform.

Furthermore, also the Options may offer you a set of components. In the next table, we provide the mapping between options and 2016.1 LuciadRIA components.

2017.0 Option 2016.1 Components

Defense symbology

Military symbology