Most WebGL implementations have limitations in the area of native line painting. On most platforms, line smoothing is not possible, even when it is advertised as such. On Windows, lines can be only 1 pixel wide. On other platforms, they can typically have a width of maximum 8 to 16 pixels.

To overcome that, LuciadRIA uses custom line painting mechanisms for narrow lines, as well as a custom mechanism for wide lines. This has some impact on performance and GPU/CPU memory consumption, however. In particular:

  • On Windows, 1-pixel-wide lines are not smoothed, but have optimal performance and memory consumption. If you want smoothed 1-pixel lines anyway, use a line width of 1.1 pixels.

  • On other platforms, lines thinner than 8 pixels are typically smoothed, and have optimal performance and memory consumption

  • Wide lines — wider than 1 pixel on Windows, wider than 8 pixels on other platforms — are smoothed, but they can consume up to 10 times more memory. A performance difference may also be noticeable.