Most WebGL implementations have limitations in the area of native line painting. On most platforms, line smoothing is impossible, even when they advertise it as such. Windows supports lines with a 1-pixel width only. Other platforms typically support lines with a width of 8 to 16 pixels at most.

To overcome that, LuciadRIA uses custom line painting mechanisms for narrow lines and wide lines. They affect performance and GPU/CPU memory consumption, though. In particular:

  • On Windows, LuciadRIA does not smooth 1-pixel-wide lines, but paints them with optimal performance and memory consumption. If you want smoothed 1-pixel lines anyway, use a line width of 1.1 pixels.

  • On other platforms, LuciadRIA smooths lines thinner than 8 pixels, with optimal performance and memory consumption.

  • LuciadRIA smooths wide lines — wider than 1 pixel on Windows, wider than 8 pixels on other platforms — but they can consume up to 10 times more memory. You may notice a performance impact.