Interface ILcdWMSSLDFeatureTypeStyleProvider

public interface ILcdWMSSLDFeatureTypeStyleProvider
Interface defining implementations that can provide server-side SLD feature type styles. This allows configuring the styling of WMS layers using server-side SLD feature type styles, with an optional style ID coming from the client. The resulting SLD feature type styles are passed to ALcdSLDWMSGXYLayerFactory#createGXYLayer to create a GXY layer that takes the styles into account. An alternative way is to let the WMS client pass the SLD feature type styles in its request. To plug in your own implementation you need to override ALcdOGCWMSCommandDispatcherFactory.createSLDFeatureTypeStyleProvider(ServletConfig) and return your implementation.
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    • getSLDFeatureTypeStyles

      List<TLcdSLDFeatureTypeStyle[]> getSLDFeatureTypeStyles(String aLayerName, String aStyleID, ALcdRequestContext aRequestContext)
      Provides a list of arrays of SLD feature type styles. When the WMS layer is a leaf layer the list contains 1 entry. When the WMS Layer is a node layer, the size of the array is equal to the number of children.
      aLayerName - The WMS layer name.
      aStyleID - the id of the style to be used. The value may be null.
      aRequestContext - aRequestContext the request context for which this layer is created.
      The SLD feature type styles.