Interface ILspTexturedStyle

All Known Implementing Classes:
TLspFillStyle, TLspLineStyle, TLspPinLineStyle

public interface ILspTexturedStyle
Defines a style which includes a texture map.
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  • Method Details

    • getTexture

      RenderedImage getTexture()
      Returns the image to be used as a texture map.

      This image should never be modified. To change the texture you should create a new style with a different image instance.

      the image to be used as a texture map
    • getTextureObject

      ALsp2DTextureObject getTextureObject()
      Returns the texture object to be used.
      the texture object
    • isRepeatTexture

      boolean isRepeatTexture()
      Specifies whether the texture map should be repeated (tiled) or not.
      whether the texture map should be repeated (tiled) or not
    • getTextureInterpolationType

      ELcdInterpolationType getTextureInterpolationType()
      Specifies whether linear filtering should be used for the texture map.
      whether linear texture filtering should be used
    • getTextureCoordinatesMode

      ILspTexturedStyle.TextureCoordinatesMode getTextureCoordinatesMode()
      Specifies whether the texture coordinates computed to apply the texture map should be relative to the bounds of the object or relative to the world. In the former case, the map is scaled and offset such that it fills the bounds (in model coordinates) of the object. In the latter case, the model coordinates of the object are used as texture coordinates unmodified.
      the mode indicating how the texture should be mapped on the object being styled
    • getTextureMatrixSFCT

      void getTextureMatrixSFCT(double[] aMatrixSFCT)
      Returns a 4x4 matrix that should be applied to the texture coordinates when mapping the texture given by this style. This can be used to scale, rotate or otherwise transform the texture.
      aMatrixSFCT - array containing the elements of a 4x4 matrix in column-major order