Class TLspPlotPaintingHints.Builder

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public static class TLspPlotPaintingHints.Builder extends Object
Builder for TLspPlotPaintingHints objects.
  • Constructor Details

    • Builder

      public Builder()
  • Method Details

    • build

      public TLspPlotPaintingHints build()
      Creates a new TLspPlotPaintingHints instance with this builder's current settings.
      a new plot painting hints object
    • transparencyBlending

      public TLspPlotPaintingHints.Builder transparencyBlending(ELspQualityHint aHint)
      Specifies whether the plot layer should perform higher quality transparency blending. For performance reasons, the default behavior of plot layers is to draw all plots in the OPAQUE painting pass. This is okay as long as the plots use opaque icons on a fully transparent background. If the icons contain semi-transparent pixels, however, rendering artifacts can occur in 3D due to the use of depth testing.

      Setting the transparency blending hint to ELspQualityHint.NICEST will cause the plot layer to perform two rendering passes. The opaque pixels in the plot icons will be drawn in the OPAQUE paint phase, whereas all translucent pixels will be drawn in the TRANSPARENT phase. This implies that all points are rendered twice, which obviously has some performance impact.

      Note that the blending hint has no effect in 2D views, where single-pass rendering is always sufficient. The default setting is ELspQualityHint.AUTOMATIC.

      aHint - the transparency blending quality