Interface ILspPaintableLayer

All Superinterfaces:
ILcdLayer, ILcdPropertyChangeSource, ILcdSelection<Object>, ILspLayer, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
TLspGXYLayerAdapter, TLspGXYLayerTreeNodeAdapter, TLspLayer, TLspLayerTreeNode

public interface ILspPaintableLayer extends ILspLayer
Interface for a layer that can paint itself into an ILspView.
  • Method Details

    • paint

      TLspPaintProgress paint(ILcdGLDrawable aGLDrawable, TLspPaintPhase aPhase, TLspPaintRepresentationState aPaintRepresentationState, ILspView aView)
      Renders the specified paint representation of this layer into a view. The view invokes this method for each enabled paint representation and supplies an ILcdGLDrawable as an access point to the OpenGL API. In addition to rendering the individual paint representations, views may also perform multiple rendering passes to support things such as transparency rendering or terrain of data on a 3D terrain. To this effect, the layer must honor the supplied TLspPaintPhase.

      This method returns a TLspPaintProgress object to indicate whether the repaint was entirely finished or not. This might not be the case if the paint() method scheduled some asynchronous processing task, whose result is needed to complete the paint operation. For instance, if the layer loads data in the background on demand, it may return early rather than letting the paint() method block until the data is available. In this case the view is left incomplete, but additional repaints of the view will incrementally become more up-to-date, and the progress objects retrieved after each new repaint can be used to provide progress information to the user.

      aGLDrawable - the access point to OpenGL
      aPhase - describes the phase that the view repaint process is currently in
      aPaintRepresentationState - identifies which paint representation state the layer should render into the view
      aView - the view into which the layer is being rendered
      progress information describing the painting operation
    • getRequiredOpenGLProfile

      TLspOpenGLProfile getRequiredOpenGLProfile()
      Returns the minimum required OpenGL profile that a view must support in order to be compatible with this layer.
      a TLspGLProfile