Class ALspObjectTranslationHandle

Direct Known Subclasses:
TLspObjectHeightTranslationHandle, TLspObjectTranslationHandle

public abstract class ALspObjectTranslationHandle extends ALsp3StepEditHandle
Implementation of a handle that is activated when an object is touched. This handle is similar to a point drag handle, except that it works on objects instead of points.

This handle has two translate modes: either by dragging the mouse, or by moving it in between two clicks. See setTranslateOnDrag. When true, the handle is activated/deactivated using mouse press and release events and changed using mouse dragged events. Otherwise, the handle is activated/deactivated using mouse clicks and changed by moving the mouse when active.

When using touch events, this handle is activated on DOWN events, processes MOVED events, and is deactivated on UP events.

This handle can be used for all kinds of purposes, like moving a whole object, or adjusting the height of an object.