Package com.luciad.util.logging

package com.luciad.util.logging

This package contains classes used for logging messages. Logging in LuciadLightspeed is performed using ILcdLogger instances. Concrete ILcdLogger objects can be created using the class TLcdLoggerFactory and then used for recording messages in a specific way. See the latter class and the LuciadLightspeed developer's guide on how to configure your own logging framework to work with LuciadLightspeed.

This package also offers some default logging factories and supporting handlers. Some of these, such as TLcdJULLoggerFactory (which TLcdLoggerFactory uses by default), make use of the standard Java logging framework from the java.util.logging package.

This package also offers support to convert performance logging messages (e.g. for painting and model decoding) to MBeans with the class TLcdMBeanPerformanceLogHandler for use with, for example, JConsole. See the LuciadLightspeed developer's guide for more details on performance logging.