Class ALcdRasterModelHeightProviderFactory

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TLcdImageModelHeightProviderFactory, TLcdRasterModelHeightProviderFactory

public abstract class ALcdRasterModelHeightProviderFactory extends ALcdModelHeightProviderFactory
This class provides the common interface and methods of both the legacy TLcdRasterModelHeightProviderFactory and the new TLcdImageModelHeightProviderFactory
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      public static final String KEY_PIXEL_DENSITY
      Key used for a pixel density value. The property should be a double. Pixel density is defined as the number of pixels in an image or raster per unit of area. The area should be expressed in function of the given KEY_GEO_REFERENCE property. This property is used when the height provider is backed by multi-level data. It gives a hint to the implementation which level should be chosen. If this property is not provided, or set to Double.NaN, the most detailed level is chosen.
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      public static final String KEY_MIN_VALID_HEIGHT
      Key for the minimum valid height of the returned height. The property should be an integer.
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      public static final String KEY_MAX_VALID_HEIGHT
      Key for the maximum valid height of the returned height. The property should be an integer.
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      public static final String KEY_INTERPOLATE_DATA
      Key used to to denote that the raster data should be interpolated. The property should be a boolean.
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    • ALcdRasterModelHeightProviderFactory

      public ALcdRasterModelHeightProviderFactory()
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