Class TLcdCopyright


public class TLcdCopyright extends Object
This class maintains information about the API: copyright messages and version numbers. It holds a short and a longer copyright message, which can only be set once using their setters. They are pre-set for evaluation copies of the API, but they can be chosen freely for development and deployment copies.

The class also holds a version number and a serial number, which are read-only.

  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdCopyright

      public TLcdCopyright()
  • Method Details

    • getProductName

      public static Optional<String> getProductName()
      Returns the product name.
    • setCopyright

      public static final void setCopyright(String aCopyright)
      Sets the short copyright message. The first setting is final.

      The short copyright message is typically used as a watermark in the lower-left corner of a view.

    • getCopyright

      public static final String getCopyright()
      Returns the short copyright message.
    • setMessage

      public static final void setMessage(String aMessage)
      Sets the long copyright message. The first setting is final.

      The long copyright message is typically printed out to the console when starting up a LuciadLightspeed application.

    • getMessage

      public static final String getMessage()
      Returns the long copyright message.
    • getVersionNumber

      public static final String getVersionNumber()
      Returns the version number of the API.
    • getSerialNumber

      public static final String getSerialNumber()
      Returns the serial number of the API jar.
    • getLicenseFile

      public static final URL getLicenseFile()
      Returns the URL of the license file.