Uses of Interface

Packages that use ILcdGeoReference
Provides classes and interfaces for all procedure related aspects.
A tool that preprocesses 3D terrain repositories based on a model containing ILcdEarthAsset objects.
Contains implementations of ILcdEarthTileCombiner.
Provides a framework for storing the output of an ILcdEarthTileSet on disk.
Contains codecs used by TLcdEarthTileRepository to encode tiles and coverages.
Provides support for tiling, multileveling and on-demand loading of arbitrary datasets.
ILcdEarthTileSet that provides raster data suitable for use as a 3D terrain texture.
Provides classes for ILcdEarthTileSets with terrain data.
Contains various utility implementations of ILcdEarthTileSet.
Contains tile splitters used by TLcdEarthLevelFallbackTileSet.
Contains various utility classes used in the Luciad Earth framework.
Support for OGC GeoPackage data.
This package provides support for Luciad Raster data (LRDB).
This package provides support for Luciad Vector data (LVDB).
This package provides the classes to compare and replicate resources between two tile stores.
Provides the vector specific functionality for the LuciadFusion engine.
Provides the Tile Store abstraction and a file system implementation.
LuciadFusion TileStore provides a resource model, based on ALfnResourceMetadata.
Provides various utility functionality for the LuciadLightspeed Fusion Client and for LuciadFusion.
Contains classes to perform geometry operations on an ellipsoid and in cartesian space.
Contains classes to perform geometry operations in cartesian space.
Contains classes to perform geometry operations on an ellipsoid.
Provides the addon that allows to open data that is missing a valid model reference (=coordinate system), and that allows to create Luciad .ref files for storing such a model reference specification.
This is a terrain analysis add-on for line-of-sight (LOS) calculation on Lightspeed maps.
Provides the add-on to perform visibility calculations between a point observer and other shapes on a Lightspeed map.
Contains a broad range of classes related to the visual represention of a map.
This package provides classes to evaluate an OGC 1.0/1.1/2.0 filter.
Contains a Java object model for representing an OGC filter, implementing the OGC 02-059, 04-095 and 09-026 standards (OGC Filter Encoding Implementation Specification, version 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and 2.0.0).
Conversion of SLD Feature Type Style model into ILcdGXYPainter/ILcdGXYLabelPainter implementations which can be used in an ILcdGXYView.
Client API for an OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS).
Everything related to model references and view references.
Construction and formatting of coordinate reference systems.
Contains all classes for terrain elevation analysis.
Provides support for real-time line of sight calculation on elevation models using hardware acceleration to perform calculations.
The viewshed package provides support for computing and rendering visbility for 3D scenes consisting of any meshes, extruded shapes or terrain.
Handles all transformations between model coordinates and world coordinates.
General interfaces and implementations to retrieve heights from data, for instance, elevation rasters.
Touch controllers for the 2D view.
Defines a mechanism for snapping between objects that are being edited.
Provides support for rendering images which are projected onto the 3D terrain of an ILspView, as if by a slide projector.
Provides tools needed for working with draped data and the terrain the data is visualized on.
Contains utility classes related to Lightspeed views.
Utilities for making maps.
Classes to work with rectangular axis aligned grids consisting of multiple uniform levels, called multilevel grids.
This package provides Swing components which are related to a view or allow interaction with a view.
This package contains a painter that visualizes ALcdWMSProxy instances in a GXY view using a tiled approach.
This package contains a painter that visualizes ALcdWMSProxy instances in a Lightspeed view using a tiled approach.