Interface ILcdWFSFilteredModelFactory

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public interface ILcdWFSFilteredModelFactory
A factory that creates filtered models. The factory takes an existing model as input, and returns a new model whose elements() method will return a subset of the original model's elements. The filtering criteria to be applied are provided as a TLcdWFSGetFeatureConstraints, and can include, among others, a filter encoded according to the OGC Filter specification. Note that if a request involves multiple feature types, the filtered model factory will be invoked once per feature type.
  • Method Details

    • createFilteredModel

      ILcdModel createFilteredModel(ILcdModel aSourceModel, TLcdWFSGetFeatureConstraints aConstraints) throws TLcdWFSServiceException
      Creates a filtered model.
      aSourceModel - the model to be filtered
      aConstraints - the filtering criteria to apply
      a filtered version of the source model
    • getFilterCapabilities

      TLcdOGCFilterCapabilities getFilterCapabilities()
      Returns the filtering capabilities of this factory. An element, <ogc:Filter_Capabilities>, will be included in the capabilities document of the WFS service.
      the filtering capabilities