Class TLcdSLDGXYCompositeLayerFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class TLcdSLDGXYCompositeLayerFactory extends Object implements ILcdSLDGXYLayerFactory
Composite implementation of ILcdSLDGXYLayerFactory. Any number of layer factories can be added to this composite. The createGXYLayer method will delegate to the first factory in the list whose createGXYLayer does not return null for the given input model.
  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdSLDGXYCompositeLayerFactory

      public TLcdSLDGXYCompositeLayerFactory(Iterable<? extends ILcdSLDGXYLayerFactory> aLayerFactories)
      Creates a new composite layer factory that lazily uses the given Iterable to delegate to.
      aLayerFactories - a list of layer factories
    • TLcdSLDGXYCompositeLayerFactory

      public TLcdSLDGXYCompositeLayerFactory(ILcdSLDGXYLayerFactory... aLayerFactories)
      Creates a new composite layer factory containing the supplied delegate factories.
      aLayerFactories - delegate factories to be added to the composite
  • Method Details

    • createGXYLayer

      public ILcdGXYLayer createGXYLayer(ILcdModel aModel, List<TLcdSLDFeatureTypeStyle> aSLDFeatureTypeStyles)
      Creates an ILcdGXYLayer for representing the given ILcdModel on an ILcdGXYView, according to the given TLcdSLDFeatureTypeStyle's.

      Delegates to the first layer factory whose createGXYLayer method does not return null for the given model and feature type style.

      Specified by:
      createGXYLayer in interface ILcdSLDGXYLayerFactory
      aModel - the model that needs to be visualized in an ILcdGXYView
      aSLDFeatureTypeStyles - the SLD feature type style(s) defining how the model should be visually represented on the view
      a layer representing the given model, or null if a layer cannot be created (e.g. because this layer factory doesn't support the given model).