Class TLcdSEDataTypes


public class TLcdSEDataTypes extends Object
This class provides access to the data model and the types of

Refer to the package javadoc for more information about this domain model.

The data model and its types are typically used to:

  • introspect the data structures (types, properties) of the domain model in a generic way
  • create Java instances for XML types which don't have a dedicated Java class equivalent
  • configure an XML decoder for decoding data of this data model:
    new TLcdXMLSchemaBasedDecoder().configure(getDataModel())
  • configure an XML encoder for encoding data of this data model:
    new TLcdXMLSchemaBasedEncoder().configure(getDataModel())
  • set up transformations between data models

This mapping has been automatically generated based on the XML schema net/opengis/se/super/StyledLayerDescriptor.xsd.

The display names of the entities in this data model can be customized by creating a resource bundle with base name com/luciad/ogc/sld/model/TLcdSEDataTypes. See TLcdResourceBundleDataModelDisplayNameProvider for more details on the required structure of the resource bundle.

See Also:
  • Field Details

    • RuleType

      public static final TLcdDataType RuleType
    • VariableOnlineResourceType

      public static final TLcdDataType VariableOnlineResourceType
    • FillType

      public static final TLcdDataType FillType
    • SubstringType

      public static final TLcdDataType SubstringType
    • InlineContentType__encoding

      public static final TLcdDataType InlineContentType__encoding
    • SymbolizerType

      public static final TLcdDataType SymbolizerType
    • AnchorPointType

      public static final TLcdDataType AnchorPointType
    • InterpolateType__mode

      public static final TLcdDataType InterpolateType__mode
    • PolygonSymbolizerType

      public static final TLcdDataType PolygonSymbolizerType
    • FormatNumberType

      public static final TLcdDataType FormatNumberType
    • InterpolationPointType

      public static final TLcdDataType InterpolationPointType
    • ChannelSelectionType

      public static final TLcdDataType ChannelSelectionType
    • LinePlacementType

      public static final TLcdDataType LinePlacementType
    • FunctionType

      public static final TLcdDataType FunctionType
    • GraphicType

      public static final TLcdDataType GraphicType
    • ContrastEnhancementType

      public static final TLcdDataType ContrastEnhancementType
    • ExternalGraphicType

      public static final TLcdDataType ExternalGraphicType
    • OverlapBehavior

      public static final TLcdDataType OverlapBehavior
    • TrimType__stripOffPosition

      public static final TLcdDataType TrimType__stripOffPosition
    • ImageOutlineType

      public static final TLcdDataType ImageOutlineType
    • FormatDateType

      public static final TLcdDataType FormatDateType
    • ConcatenateType

      public static final TLcdDataType ConcatenateType
    • StringPositionType__searchDirection

      public static final TLcdDataType StringPositionType__searchDirection
    • LineSymbolizerType

      public static final TLcdDataType LineSymbolizerType
    • DisplacementType

      public static final TLcdDataType DisplacementType
    • ColorMapEntryType

      public static final TLcdDataType ColorMapEntryType
    • NormalizeType

      public static final TLcdDataType NormalizeType
    • ColorMapType

      public static final TLcdDataType ColorMapType
    • CategorizeType__thresholdsBelongTo

      public static final TLcdDataType CategorizeType__thresholdsBelongTo
    • InlineContentType

      public static final TLcdDataType InlineContentType
    • CategorizeType

      public static final TLcdDataType CategorizeType
    • ParameterValueType

      public static final TLcdDataType ParameterValueType
    • TrimType

      public static final TLcdDataType TrimType
    • HistogramType

      public static final TLcdDataType HistogramType
    • InterpolateType

      public static final TLcdDataType InterpolateType
    • PointPlacementType

      public static final TLcdDataType PointPlacementType
    • DescriptionType

      public static final TLcdDataType DescriptionType
    • CssParameterType

      public static final TLcdDataType CssParameterType
    • StringLengthType

      public static final TLcdDataType StringLengthType
    • VendorOptionType

      public static final TLcdDataType VendorOptionType
    • ChangeCaseType

      public static final TLcdDataType ChangeCaseType
    • TextSymbolizerType

      public static final TLcdDataType TextSymbolizerType
    • InterpolateType__method

      public static final TLcdDataType InterpolateType__method
    • RasterSymbolizerType

      public static final TLcdDataType RasterSymbolizerType
    • PointSymbolizerType

      public static final TLcdDataType PointSymbolizerType
    • StrokeType

      public static final TLcdDataType StrokeType
    • LabelPlacementType

      public static final TLcdDataType LabelPlacementType
    • MarkType

      public static final TLcdDataType MarkType
    • SelectedChannelType

      public static final TLcdDataType SelectedChannelType
    • OnlineResourceType

      public static final TLcdDataType OnlineResourceType
    • RecodeType

      public static final TLcdDataType RecodeType
    • HaloType

      public static final TLcdDataType HaloType
    • StringPositionType

      public static final TLcdDataType StringPositionType
    • FontType

      public static final TLcdDataType FontType
    • FeatureTypeStyleType

      public static final TLcdDataType FeatureTypeStyleType
    • GeometryType

      public static final TLcdDataType GeometryType
    • ChangeCaseType__direction

      public static final TLcdDataType ChangeCaseType__direction
    • MapItemType

      public static final TLcdDataType MapItemType
    • ShadedReliefType

      public static final TLcdDataType ShadedReliefType
  • Method Details

    • getDataModel

      public static TLcdDataModel getDataModel()
      Returns the data model for
      the data model