Class TLcdOGCFilterCapabilitiesElementAdapterProvider10

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Deprecated public class TLcdOGCFilterCapabilitiesElementAdapterProvider10 extends Object implements ILcdXMLElementAdapterProvider
ElementAdapter provider necessary to encode filter capabilities, according to the OGC filter 1.0.0 specification.
  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdOGCFilterCapabilitiesElementAdapterProvider10

      public TLcdOGCFilterCapabilitiesElementAdapterProvider10(ILcdXMLElementNameProvider aElementNameProvider)
      Constructs an element adapter provider providing ogc filter capabilities element adapters that will use the given element name provider for resolving the names.
      aElementNameProvider - the given element name provider.
  • Method Details

    • registerElementAdapter

      public void registerElementAdapter(TLcdXMLName aTypeName, Class aJavaClass, ILcdXMLElementAdapter aAdapter)
      Registers an element adapter for the given XML type and java class.
      aTypeName - the XML type name for which to register the element adapter.
      aJavaClass - the Java class for which to register the element adapter.
      aAdapter - the element adapter to be registered.
    • getAdapterForObject

      public ILcdXMLElementAdapter getAdapterForObject(ILcdXMLNameStack aILcdXMLNameStack, ILcdXMLObjectStack aILcdXMLObjectStack, TLcdXMLName aXMLName, Object aObject)
      Description copied from interface: ILcdXMLElementAdapterProvider
      Returns the ILcdXMLElementAdapter that is most suitable to handle the object, specified by the given name/object stack, substitution group and object.

      Specified by:
      getAdapterForObject in interface ILcdXMLElementAdapterProvider
      aILcdXMLNameStack - the XML name stack, containing all XML names from the root element up to the parent element name
      aILcdXMLObjectStack - the XML object stack, containing all XML objects from the root element up to the parent element
      aXMLName - the substitution group the element belongs to, if there is one (null otherwise).
      aObject - the element for which to return an adapter.
      the element adapter that is most suitable to handle the specified object.