Contains classes for working with numeric graphs.

Numeric graphs are graphs in which the nodes and edges are all numeric values. Numeric graphs in LuciadLightspeed are built in such a way that the edge or node itself (the numeric value) describes in which (list of) partition(s) it is included. Numeric graphs have several advantages over other graphs:

  • They are very compact in memory (they are represented by a single long value).
  • They can be stored on disk even more compact.
  • They are very fast to query (partition containment, connectivity, edge values).
  • They are very well suited for on-the-fly loading.

Due to their superior performance, numeric graphs should be considered whenever graphs become too large to be contained completely in memory, or performance of algorithms applied on them is not sufficient.

Using numeric graphs has the following limitations:

  • Only zeroth-order edge value functions are supported.

This package is part of the Graph & Routing Engine component.