Interface ILcyGXYLayerTypeProvider

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TLcyCompositeGXYLayerTypeProvider, TLcyGXYAsynchronousLayerTypeProvider

public interface ILcyGXYLayerTypeProvider extends ILcyGXYLayerType
Provider for layer types. These layer types can for instance be used to define the order of layers.
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    • getGXYLayerType

      int getGXYLayerType(ILcdGXYLayer aGXYLayer)
      Returns the type of a specified layer. If a layer type provider does not know the type of the specified layer, ILcyGXYLayerType.UNKNOWN should be returned. The layer type must be one of the constants defined in ILcyGXYLayerType.
      aGXYLayer - the layer whose type we wish to retrieve
      the layers type if the provider knows it; ILcyGXYLayerType.UNKNOWN otherwise
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