Package com.luciad.lucy.addons.drawing.lightspeed

package com.luciad.lucy.addons.drawing.lightspeed

This package provides the TLcyLspDrawingAddOn. This add-on allows to work with drawing layers on Lightspeed maps.

Lightspeed drawing relies on the GXY drawing add-on. It reuses the whole model side from the GXY add-on, and only provides support for visualizing and interacting with the drawing data on a Lightspeed view. This includes:

  • A Lightspeed layer factory and layer workspace support.
  • Styling and editing support for each domain object. This functionality is grouped per domain object in an ALcyLspDomainObjectSupplier. Those suppliers are registered to the TLcyLspDrawingFormat.
  • A format bar which typically contains UI to create new domain objects, change the style or perform calculations on the domain objects. The format bar factory is created in the TLcyLspDrawingFormat as well. The default implementation is a TLcyLspDrawingFormatBarFactory