Interface ILfnEngineSession

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, Closeable

public interface ILfnEngineSession extends Closeable
The session groups the information needed to drive the fusion engine.

The session provides a tile set with the source data, and the ID of the coverage to be populated by the fusion engine.

Note: before the V2013.1 release, you needed an instance of this interface in order to create an ALfnEngine instance. As of V2013.1, the LuciadFusion API user should not need to create instances of this interface anymore. You can create an engine for a tile store and coverage ID (see TLfnEngineFactory#createEngine). The returned engine still contains an ILfnEngineSession.
See the migration details for more information.

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  • Method Details

    • getSourceAssetMetadatas

      List<? extends ALfnAssetMetadata> getSourceAssetMetadatas()
      Gets the metadata of the source assets for this session.
      the metadata of the source assets for this session
    • getTargetCoverageMetadata

      ALfnCoverageMetadata getTargetCoverageMetadata()
      Gets the target coverage metadata for this session.
      the target coverage metadata for this session, must never be null
    • getSourceTileSet

      ILcdEarthTileSet getSourceTileSet() throws IOException
      Gets the tile set that produces tiles for the source data.
      the source tile set
      IOException - when the source data cannot be accessed
    • getSourceCoverageName

      String getSourceCoverageName()
      Gets the name of the coverage in the source tile set.
      the source coverage name
    • getSourceFormat

      TLcdEarthTileFormat getSourceFormat()
      Gets the tile format of the source data.
      the tile format
    • getTileDataCodec

      ILcdEarthTileDataCodec getTileDataCodec()
      Gets the codec for the tile data.

      The codec must be able to encode tiles with getSourceFormat() as the tile format.

      the data codec
    • getTileCombiner

      ILcdEarthTileCombiner getTileCombiner()
      Gets the tile combiner for this coverage.

      The combiner must be able to combine tiles with getSourceFormat() as the tile format.

      A return value of null from the ILcdEarthTileCombiner.combineTiles([][]) method indicates that the tile should not be combined but produced from the source tile set instead.

      the tile combiner for this coverage
    • getCheckpointInterval

      long getCheckpointInterval()
      Gets the checkpoint interval in milliseconds.

      Special value -1 indicates that no checkpoints should be saved, not even when the engine session is cancelled.

      an interval in milliseconds
    • close

      void close() throws IOException
      Closes the session. This should be called when the session is no longer needed, e.g. the fusion has finished. The session will release its internal resources.
      Specified by:
      close in interface AutoCloseable
      Specified by:
      close in interface Closeable
      IOException - when resources can not be closed
    • getTileStore

      ALfnTileStore getTileStore()
      Returns the Tile Store that is associated with this session.
      The Tile Store associated with this session, never null