Interface ILcdXMLElementNameProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
TLcdGML2ElementNameProvider, TLcdGML3ElementNameProvider, TLcdOGCFilterCapabilitiesElementNameProvider10, TLcdOGCFilterCapabilitiesElementNameProvider11, TLcdXMLTypedElementNameProvider

public interface ILcdXMLElementNameProvider
Use of the com.format.xml API has been deprecated. Instead, use the com.format.xml.bind API.
A provider of XML element names.

Element name provides are not required to be used in the XML framework (element names can be provided directly by the element adapters), but they can be useful for grouping common naming facilities, or for dynamic retrieval of element names for elements having a global type.

  • Method Details

    • getElementNameForObject

      TLcdXMLName getElementNameForObject(ILcdXMLNameStack aParentElementNameStack, ILcdXMLObjectStack aParentObjectStack, TLcdXMLName aSubstitutionGroup, Object aElement, TLcdXMLName aTypeName)
      Returns the TLcdXMLName that best matches the object, specified by the given name/object stack, substitution group and object.

      Note that in some cases, more than one name can be returned. E.g., the object for which to return a name can implement multiple interfaces, each having a corresponding XML element name. It is up to the implementation to decide which name is most suited for the current situation, taking into account the name and object stack, the available element names and the XML type and substitution group that are provided.

      aParentElementNameStack - the XML name stack, containing all XML names from the root element up to the parent element name
      aParentObjectStack - the XML object stack, containing all XML objects from the root element up to the parent element
      aSubstitutionGroup - the substitution group the returned element should belong to, if there is one (null otherwise).
      aElement - the element for which to return a name.
      aTypeName - the name of the global type from which the type of the returned element name should inherit, or null if the element has an anonymous type.
      the element name that best matches the specified element.