Class TLcdDMEDTileDecoder

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILcdTileDecoder, ILcdInputStreamFactoryCapable

public class TLcdDMEDTileDecoder extends ALcdTileDecoder implements ILcdTileDecoder
This ILcdTileDecoder decodes DMED cells on the integer grid of 1° by 1°. The cells contain elevations that are averaged over 15' by 15' subcells.

This class is thread-safe.

  • Constructor Details

    • TLcdDMEDTileDecoder

      public TLcdDMEDTileDecoder()
  • Method Details

    • readTileFromStream

      protected ILcdTileInfo readTileFromStream(InputStream aInputStream, int aImageIndex, int aSubTileWidth, int aSubTileHeight, int aSubTileRowIndex, int aSubTileColumnIndex, ILcdBuffer aBuffer) throws TLcdCodecException
      Description copied from class: ALcdTileDecoder
      Reads a sub-tile from an input stream.
      Specified by:
      readTileFromStream in class ALcdTileDecoder
      aInputStream - the input stream from which the tile data can be read.
      aImageIndex - the index of the tile in the given input stream (if applicable).
      aSubTileWidth - the width of the sub-tiles, expressed in pixels.
      aSubTileHeight - the height of the sub-tiles, expressed in pixels.
      aSubTileRowIndex - the row number of the sub-tile to be decoded.
      aSubTileColumnIndex - the column number of the sub-tile to be decoded.
      aBuffer - the buffer in which the decoded bytes will be stored.
      ILcdTileInfo information about the decoded tile.
      TLcdCodecException - in case of decoding problems.