Class TLcdARINCMarkerDataProperties


public final class TLcdARINCMarkerDataProperties extends Object
This class provides easy access to the properties of the Marker type.
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      public static final TLcdDataProperty CUSTOMER_AREA_CODE
      A code permitting to categorize markers by geographical area (standard record) or by airline for whom the data is provided (tailored record). The customer/area code is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ICAO_REGION
      The two letter ICAO region of the marker. The ICAO region is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty AIRPORT_IDENTIFIER
      The identification of the aerodrome to which the marker relates. The aerodrome identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty RUNWAY_IDENTIFIER
      The identification of the runway served by the marker. The runway identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty IDENTIFIER
      A code identifying the marker. The identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MARKER_TYPE
      The type of this marker. The marker type is of the type TLcdMarkerType.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty FREQUENCY
      The frequency of this marker. The frequency is of the type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty FREQUENCY_UNIT
      The unit of measurement of the frequency. The frequency unit is of the type TLcdFrequencyUnit.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MAGNETIC_VARIATION
      The angular difference between True North and Magnetic North. The magnetic variation is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MINOR_AXIS_BEARING
      The true bearing of the minor axis of the marker beacon. The minor axis bearing is of the type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty CYCLE_DATE
      The calendar period in which the record was added to the file or last revised. A change in any ARINC 424 field, except Dynamic Magnetic Variation, Frequency Protection, Continuation Record Number and File Record Number, requires a cycle date change. The cycle date will not change if there is no change in the data. The first two digits of the field contain the last two digits of the year in which the addition or revision was made. The last two digits contain the numeric identity of the 28-day data update cycle during which the change occurred. Each calendar year contains 13 such cycles, however, on rare occasions 14 cycles will be encountered. The cycle date is of the type String.