Class TLcdAIXMTACANFeatureClassMapper

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public class TLcdAIXMTACANFeatureClassMapper extends TLcdFeatureClassMapper
This class keeps track of the Class objects of AIXM specific features defined in the ILcdAIXMTACANFeature interface.

Users can access more general TACAN features as well.

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    • TLcdAIXMTACANFeatureClassMapper

      protected TLcdAIXMTACANFeatureClassMapper()
      Constructs a new TLcdAIXMTACANFeatureClassMapper object.

      The new instance will contain a feature class mapping for each feature in the ILcdAIXMTACANFeature interface.

      This protected constructor was added to allow users to make extensions of this class.

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