Class TLcdAIXMTACANDataProperties


public final class TLcdAIXMTACANDataProperties extends Object
This class provides easy access to the properties of the TACAN type.
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  • Field Details


      public static final TLcdDataProperty IDENTIFIER
      The identification of the navaid. The identifier is of the type String.
    • NAME

      public static final TLcdDataProperty NAME
      The name of the navaid. The name is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty BEGINNING_DATE
      The beginning date and time of validity for the features of the navaid. The date is of the type String.
    • END_DATE

      public static final TLcdDataProperty END_DATE
      The End date and time of validity for the features of the navaid. The date is of the type String.
    • MID

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MID
      An artificial unique identifier in a given context. This context can be a dataset or an application domain. The identifier is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty CHANNEL
      The channel of this TACAN. The channel is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty EMISSION
      A code indicating the type of emission, as defined at the 1979 ITU World Administrative Radio Conference. The emission is of the type TLcdEmissionType.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ORGANIZATION
      The responsible organization or authority. The organization is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty STATION_DECLINATION
      The angular difference between the direction of the 'zero bearing' indicated by the station and the direction of the True North. The station declination is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MAGNETIC_VARIATION
      The angular difference between True North and Magnetic North. The magnetic variation is of type String

      public static final TLcdDataProperty MAGNETIC_VARIATION_DATE
      The year the magnetic variation was measured. The rate is of type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ELEVATION
      The vertical distance of the position from Mean Sea Level. The geoidal height of the position. The elevation is of type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ELEVATION_ACCURACY
      The vertical distance from the stated elevation within which there is a defined confidence of the true position falling. The elevation accuracy is of type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty GEOGRAPHICAL_ACCURACY
      The horizontal distance from the stated geographical position within which there is a defined confidence of the true position falling. The geographical accuracy is of type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty GEOGRAPHICAL_ACCURACY_UNIT
      The unit of measurement for the value expressing the accuracy of the geographical co-ordinates. The geographical accuracy unit is of type TLcdDistanceUnit.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty GEOID_UNDULATION
      A distance separating the geoid and the ellipsoid at that position. In respect of WGS-84 geodetic datum, the difference between the WGS-84 ellipsoidal height and geoidal height represents geoidal undulation. The geoid undulation is of type Float.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty VERTICAL_DATUM
      Attribute to take the "Vertical Datum". The vertical datum is of type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty VERTICAL_DISTANCE_UNIT
      The unit of measurement for vertical distances: elevation, geoidal undulation. The vertical distance unit is of type TLcdAltitudeUnit.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ORIGINAL_LATITUDE
      Original latitude. The original latitude is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ORIGINAL_LONGITUDE
      Original longitude. The original longitude is of the type String.

      public static final TLcdDataProperty ORIGINAL_DATUM
      The original datum in which the geometry was encoded. Values are instances of ILcdGeodeticDatum.
    • REMARK

      public static final TLcdDataProperty REMARK
      Free text remarks. The remark is of the type String.